DV@Work COVID-19 Briefings

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Barb MacQuarrie

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Jane Pillinger

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Ludo McFerran 

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This is a series of short briefings intended for a diverse audience to rethink policy and practice during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Our main focus is on stakeholders from the world of work (companies, employers, business associations, managers and team leaders, workers and trade unions). Briefings will be relevant for the policies and actions of international organisations, government agencies, NGOs and domestic violence support organisations. We have written these briefs out of a concern for the need for urgent policy and workplace responses in the light of the COVID-19 crisis. We also believe that the crisis has opened up a possibility to genuinely change the way we address domestic violence. Please share these briefings with your networks. They are open source, but we would be grateful for acknowledgment or citation of the briefings as appropriate. If you have any suggestions about other briefings please e-mail us at bmacquar@uwo.ca.

Briefing 2: Domestic violence and work safety strategies and plans during the Covid-19 crisis

Briefing 3: The Covid-19 crisis and work-related domestic violence supports in the longer-term

Briefing 4: Domestic violence and the COVID-19 crisis – what can workers and trade unions do?

ITF Podcast: women’s advocacy and COVID-19

UNI global union, COVID-19 and domestic violence: Supporting members in need

UNI global union, Domestic violence invades the workplace: Why ILO C190 is needed in the time of COVID-19

IndustriALL, Protecting women’s rights during COVID-19 

Unifor Women’s Advocates remain active during COVID-19

Unifor: Domestic Violence and the Workplace during the Pandemic

Unifor: La violence familiale et le milieu de travail pendant la pandémie

Unifor: Safe at home. Safe at work. End domestic violence

Unifor: En sécurité à la maison et au travail. Mettre fin à la violence familiale

COVID-19: Information & Resources for IUF Affiliates


UN Resources

UN Women, Violence against women and girls data collection during COVID-19

UN Women, COVID-19 and ending violence against women and girls

United Nations Covid-19 Response


Presentation: ¿Por qué reforzar la prevención de la violencia contra las mujeres ante el brote pandémico del COVID-19?

Publicación: ¿Por qué reforzar la prevención de la violencia contra las mujeres ante el brote pandémico del COVID-19